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Planning to build a patio, garage, or a nice and comfy deck? How about adding to your home or expanding your business facility? If you ever need the expertise and muscle of a concrete contractor in Mason, MI, Concrete R Us is the professional to consult. We offer premier concrete services and utmost customer care. Our prices are unchallenged while our bright reputation as the leading concrete company stays strong. We are continuously lowering our prices and improving our service quality, so it is no surprise why we are the most recognized and trusted concrete service provider in our community. Whether you are looking for a simple patio building or you need a new garage, you can give us a call.

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Address: 552 South Every Road
Phone: (517) 676-5369

construction mason worker bricklayerSince Concrete R Us‘s inception, we have been involved in hundreds of projects of any size and scope, including residential, commercial, and industrial work. Though our concrete company mainly operates in Mason, MI, our reputation spread throughout the surrounding areas as well. With the loyal support and the strong, trusted relationships we have established with our customers, our team has been able to successfully complete more than a thousand concrete projects with flying colors and earned a relative number of satisfied customers along the way. We also offer professional concrete¬†repair consultation.

Concrete work is a hazardous and straining process. You will need the right machinery, tools and materials, in order to compound the cement to the right consistency, make a strong frame for the structure, polish any rough edges, and of course, clean up the mess afterwards. Many individuals do not have or are unwilling to spend their resources (time, effort, money, etc.) for this kind of work, which is quite understandable. Who would want to spend their free time mixing cement and moving gravel? Let Concrete R Us manage your project, be it concrete laying or concrete repairs. We can do it in a much more proficient and efficient manner without having to expend too much of your resources in the process.

New SidewalkWhether you are building a residential facility or a simple concrete patio, as long as it involves concrete, Concrete R Us is the authority for such projects. We never turn down a project, even if it’s difficult or too demanding. Tapping into more than 12 of experience in the field, we get the job done right first time. What is more, we provide market competitive and budget-friendly rates, while keeping our performance and service quality to the highest standards. You won’t find a professional concrete contractor in Mason, MI that can matched the quality to cost ration we offer.

Quick response and impressive service speed are also factors that characterize our concrete company. We can guarantee you that we will complete your project within the shortest time frame possible. We combine this unequaled speed with state-of-the-art equipment and precision to guarantee flawless results.

There are countless concrete work tasks you may need us for in Mason, MI. We receive various calls every day, from simple concrete repairs to renovating houses and everything in between. We see to it that our team is capable of fulfilling your every need and demand. Our select network of expert concrete contractors are an extensively trained, certified, and competent labor force that no other local service provider can match.

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by N. Bolden on Concrete R Us

I just want to say that Concrete R Us service was absolutely incredible. The job was done in time and the technicians were perfectly professionals in every detail.
I will remember your exceptional concrete service and look forward to working with you again in the future.

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